Day 11: August 7

Wow, I think we actually relaxed some today. I believe that's a first for this trip, and I'm surprised that I hadn't noticed till now, since I do like my relaxation. I spent the first part of the morning trying to remember what all had happened the last couple days and writing it down, since I'd been forgetting.

We did eventually get going and do something, but it was pretty relaxed, just a walk around Morjärv with Erik and Carina to see sites related to my grandfather and his family. My grandfather and his siblings essentially grew up here, though he and the older siblings were born elsewhere. The house where their apartment was is even still here, though the inside has been completely redone. I forget exactly what it's used for now, but it's not really lived in and was completely unlocked.


Before we got there, we walked a nice trail through some woods, past a field, and through more woods. We encountered a currant bush that was just loaded with ripe berries and had a nice snack. I hadn't eaten those since I was a kid and my grandparents had bushes at their house. In the woods, there were some blueberry bushes, but the berries were very small due to the lack of rainfall this summer. Also lots of lingonberry bushes with unripe berries. And a lot of straight, tall Scots pines, one of apparently just three species of tree that grow in this part of Sweden (according to Erik, and I didn't see anything to the contrary), the other two being birch and some sort of spruce. Near the end of the trail was a church and the cemetery where Erik's parents are buried. After the apartment house, we went to the railroad tracks and the station where my great-grandfather worked as the foreman.

After we got back, it was time for lunch at the house, some sort of shredded, seasoned moose meat that we stuffed into pitas with salad and a yoghurt sauce. Really good. Then it was back to relaxing. I tried working on a crossword puzzle on my phone but kept falling asleep, and Mom, Erik, and Carina got out some songbooks and Erik's guitar and made some music at the kitchen table.

We did some packing this evening, as we're heading home tomorrow. Major bummer. But I guess it's better than being well past ready to go home with days left on the trip. The best anything leaves you wanting more of it and all that.

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