Day 6: August 2

Nils-Göran took us on the big tour. It was interesting to Mom and me but probably not worth spending a ton of time writing about. Some of the things we saw were


While driving around, we saw a number of clear-cuttings in the forest, many with young trees growing back in. Mom and I were wondering whether they were from logging operations, but Nils-Göran didn't seem to think that was the case. In any event, when trees are cut down like that, they're required to be replanted one-for-one.


Most residents here seem to stay only for the summers, including Nils-Göran and his wife. This used to be a big farming area, but most farming operations have ended, likely due in no small part to the extremely rocky ground. There are rock-covered areas all over, some just a few feet square and some much, much larger. Even where the ground looks clear, you'll still see boulders or just large rocks poking up.

Near the end of the tour, we picked up Nils-Göran's wife and went to lunch at Stora Herrgården. All the entrées were dairy-free, which I always appreciate, even when I'm in no danger of running out of Lactaid. Good food, too.

Interesting day, and kind of cool to know where some of my ancestors came from and how they lived and worked.

After we got back to our lodgings, I inadvertently took a nap. I must still be a little bit jet-lagged. I'm also getting sniffly and sneezy. I'm told there's no ragweed in Sweden (at least not this far north), so maybe it's dust mites in this apartment or something.

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