Day 3: July 30

Today was pretty busy. The first thing we did was stop at a shopping center so Nils and Yvonne could go to a marine supply store. Nils said that Swedish ATMs never charge out-of-network fees, and neither does my bank, so I went up to one and withdrew a moderate amount of cash. We'll see how that goes.


We then got started by driving out to Drottningholm Palace on the western edge of greater Stockholm. The royal family moved there from the palace in Gamla Stan when their children were young. Access to all the outdoor areas is free, and it's common to just go out there for a picnic or afternoon of hanging around. After walking the grounds near the palace and stopping for a snack, we headed over to the Chinese Pavillion, which didn't have any obvious purpose to me, but it was still a visually-interesting building inside and out.

We walked back along a slightly different route and saw a pond with a swan swimming around and a whole bunch of Canada geese. Canada geese were apparently brought to Sweden to be kept in captivity, but some escaped, and now there are lots of them in some areas.


After leaving Drottningholm, we went over to Haga Park. The crown princess's residence is there, along with a huge, public lawn; the "Copper Tents", where we stopped for lunch; the Temple of Echoes; and several other buildings and areas we didn't explore. The Temple of Echoes was sort of interesting, an open-walled structure whose interior still produces a noticeable echo for sounds originating from about head height. Apparently the trick is in the slight curvature of the ceiling.

Even though the Saturday traffic was bound to be a bit insane, Nils indulged my wish to visit Östermalm's Humlegården. If you enjoy the video game The Last Guy, you can probably figure out why; otherwise, don't worry about it. Lots of tall, old buildings with large apartments and some fairly trendy shopping areas throughout the district but especially near the park.

We stopped by the Central Station again to pick up the bus tickets. There were far fewer people in there than yesterday. All I had to do was find the self-service station for printing tickets, just in and out. Nils dropped Mom and me off at the hotel and picked us up a couple hours later for dinner at the Kryp In in Gamla Stan. I had some reindeer, which was pretty good stuff.

So a trip to Östermalm and some reindeer—two trip goals in one day. Can't beat that.

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