Day 2: July 29


Well, things got off to kind of a crummy start for me. I had to renew an SSL certificate for my business's web/e-mail server, something I forgot to do before leaving home, and I don't know whether I goobed things up by trying to install the new one via my phone or whether something went wrong at the certificate provider's end. Either way, I went from an expired certificate to a completely invalid one. Nils came and picked us up at the appointed time, and then we went and got Yvonne and drove to a street with a nice view of Gamla Stan, the "Old City" district of Stockholm. Then he kindly drove us to their apartment so that I could use a real computer to try to set things right. I ended up fighting with the certificate stuff (and the Swedish-layout keyboard) for an hour or more while he and the ladies headed into town. Finally got things back to "working" with the expired certificate and called Nils to come get me.


I got a taste of the Stockholm subway, which seems pretty nice. The four of us walked around Gamla Stan and saw all the touristy shops but didn't really go in much. We toured the royal palace, which is where the king and/or queen (as appropriate) have usually lived, but the current couple have lived in a different palace since their children were young (don't ask me when that was). Now the palace is used infrequently, mainly for state visits and such. We also saw the Stockholm Cathedral just across the way, and as you might guess, it was pretty huge inside.

Mom and I are planning a trip to Linköping on Sunday, so Nils and Yvonne brought us to Stockholm Central Station, where the buses, subway lines, and out-of-town trains come together. It was a huge zoo, probably equally becuase it was was Friday evening and because there had apparently been some accident on the train tracks, delaying most trains in and out. Lines were pretty long everywhere, so we decided to buy the tickets over the Internet from Nils and Yvonne's apartment instead (which ended up being a bit of an ordeal as well, since our American credit cards weren't accepted by the ticketing web site, but we got it worked out).

Dinner was at the Holy Cow Indian & Wok in Nacka, also pretty near the hotel. Awesome name and great food—chicken karai for me.

After giving the certificate problem some thought, I got an idea by remembering the last time I had a problem, but rather than maybe screwing it up myself twice in a day, I had my business partner call me so I could walk him through a possible process to fix it (from his real computer). And it worked—whew. I sure hope I can be on vacation now.

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