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Travelogue entry: July 30

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Drottningholm Palace grounds
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[dscn0965.jpg] [dscn0967.jpg] [dscn0971.jpg]
Yvonne, Mom, and me
[dscn0972.jpg] [dscn0973.jpg] [dscn0974.jpg]
[dscn0975.jpg] [dscn0977.jpg] [dscn0976.jpg]
If you go through here...
[dscn0978.jpg] end up here.
[dscn0979.jpg] [dscn0980.jpg]
[dscn0983.jpg] [dscn0986.jpg] [dscn0987.jpg]
[dscn0988.jpg] [dscn0991.jpg] [dscn0993.jpg]
Chinese Pavilion
Chinese Pavilion
You can get pastries and waffles here—and we did.
[dscn0999.jpg] [dscn1001.jpg] [dscn1003.jpg]
Gobs of Canada geese
Other side of the palace
Stockholm in the distance
Haga Park
The Butterfly House
The main Copper Tent, eatery within
Expansive lawn
Nils, Yvonne, and Mom by a fairly huge tree
Echo Temple
Other stuff
Humlegården, Östermalm
Humlegården, near the Last Guy safe zone
Humlegården, tree cavity filled with stone and mortar
Gamla Stan again
Dinner at Kryp In, Gamla Stan

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