Sonfjället National Park

Travelogue entry: August 4

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Arrival and morning hike
Sonfjället as seen from the road to the park
From the parking lot
Tiny hikers
Not the right trail, as it happened
[dscn1456.jpg] [dscn1458.jpg]
Mondo ant hill
[dscn1462.jpg] [dscn1464.jpg] [dscn1466.jpg]
Trying to see the landscape through the thick forest
[dscn1473.jpg] [dscn1476.jpg]
Blueberry bushes and some shrubby evergreen
Afternoon hike up the mountain
Looking back down from near the tree line
[dscn1485.jpg] [dscn1488.jpg]
A little bit of rain beyond the park
A bit more rain
[dscn1495.jpg] [dscn1497.jpg] [dscn1498.jpg]
"Lillfjället" summit, lots of rocks stacked into cairns
Quite a lot of rain
[dscn0001_1.jpg] [dscn1504.jpg]
Not quite enough time for the main peak
[dscn1506.jpg] [dscn1507.jpg] [dscn1508.jpg]
[dscn1509.jpg] [dscn1510.jpg] [dscn1511.jpg]
[dscn1513.jpg] [dscn1515.jpg]
Rocks, rocks, rocks

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