Travelogue entries: August 5, August 7

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Erik and Carina's house
US flag to welcome us
From the house around 11:30 PM
8:20 the next morning
Horse stables
Mom meets one of the horses
The oldest building in Morjärv
Carina and Erik
Walking tour of town
[dscn1680.jpg] [dscn1681.jpg] [dscn1683.jpg]
Currant bush with delicious berries
[dscn1684.jpg] [dscn1685.jpg] [dscn1687.jpg]
Unripe lingonberries
Erik by a huge anthill
[dscn1689.jpg] [dscn1690.jpg]
[dscn1691.jpg] [dscn1693.jpg] [dscn1697.jpg]
Ground carpeted with lingon bushes
[dscn1699e.jpg] [dscn1701.jpg]
No one we know, but I like the stone cat on the headstone
Smallest set of pipes I've seen the whole trip
In front of the church, subject of a painting by Erik's cousin
House where my grandfather lived before the family moved to Umeå
Train station where my great-grandfather worked
[dscn1718.jpg] [img_1723.jpg] [dscn1722e.jpg]
Old Ford Vedette somewhere in town

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