Southeast Dalarna County Tour

Travelogue entry: August 2

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The "Husby Ring" from Långshyttan to Smedby
One-time smelting operation
[dscn1227.jpg] [dscn1230.jpg]
[dscn1235.jpg] [dscn1241.jpg] [dscn1249.jpg]
Husby parish church (built in the 1300s)
[dscn1243.jpg] [dscn1246.jpg]
Array of organ pipes
Gudsberga Kloster, one-time monastery
History lesson
[dscn1253.jpg] [dscn1274.jpg]
Museum building
I'll have to translate this sometime.
I know what it kind of looks like, but I think it was for some dairy-related process—cheese?
Room full of dairy-related equipment, like milk separators and such
[dscn1264.jpg] [dscn1266.jpg]
Ruins of another building with modernness behind it
[dscn1269.jpg] [dscn1271.jpg]
[dscn1272.jpg] [dscn1278.jpg]  
Lerhyttan, where my great-grandmother lived
[dscn1294.jpg] [dscn1295.jpg] [dscn1296.jpg]
Ruins of the house
Born, where my great-grandfather's parents lived
[dscn1297.jpg] [dscn1298.jpg]
If Bill the Cat were a Scots pine tree. ACK!
[dscn1304.jpg] [dscn1306e.jpg]  
Valla Bruk, where my great-great-grandfather worked
[dscn1309.jpg] [dscn1310.jpg] [dscn1313.jpg]
Ruins of a building
Simonsbo and Stjärnsund
Once a schoolhouse my great-grandmother attended (Simonsbo)
Behind the one-time schoolhouse
Stora Herrgården, Stjärnsund, where we had lunch
Chapel on the estate
Church my great-grandmother attended (Stjärnsund)
You know it. Organ pipes.
[dscn1339.jpg] [dscn1344.jpg]
On the way back to Långshyttan

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