Here and There

These are pictures of where I live and other places I've been.

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[Portland, OR] [Houghton County, MI] [Amasa, MI] [Bond Falls, MI] [Copper Harbor, MI]

Portland, OR

This is where I live.

Food carts, SW 5th Ave
Fire pit at work
[fog2.jpg] [fog3.jpg] [fog4.jpg]
Morning fog rolling through downtown. Enjoy the unavoidable reflections.

Houghton County, MI

This is where I used to live.

[Backyard #1] [Backyard #2]
House from the back yard. Daisies, not snow.
[Snowpile 1]
This is not good.
[Snowpile 2]
This isn't a lot better.
[Snowy cedar]
Winter out back
MTU campus and the canal/lake from a scenic turnout north of Hancock
[Ripley Back Yards]
My and my neighbors' back yards in the fall in Ripley

Amasa, MI

Fall colors in October, 1998

[amasa-path.jpg] [amasa-field.jpg] [amasa-us141.jpg]
Note the black helicopter or UFO or whatever in the upper left.

Bond Falls, MI

Bond Falls is a few miles south and east of Bruce Crossing.

Near the top of the falls
Andy at the top of the falls
Me somewhere in the middle
[bond-falls-bottom-1.jpg] [bond-falls-bottom-2.jpg]
At the bottom of the falls.
[Bond Falls Water Amplifier]
In goes a trickle, out comes a raging torrent. How do they do it?

Copper Harbor, MI

Up to the northern end of the Keweenaw Peninsula.

[copper-harbor-1.jpg] [copper-harbor-2.jpg]
Looking down on Copper Harbor from Brockway Mountain Drive.
[Rocks by Lake Superior]
Upturned sediment/rock on the Lake Superior shore a few miles south of Copper Harbor.


Six Mile Bridge Road near Manistee, MI

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